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The Connection Between Impotence And Diabetes

There has been a confirmed connection between diabetes and impotence (otherwise known as erectile dysfunction). However, proper treatment for diabetes could minimize the chances you will experience problems with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to experience an erection adequate to offer sexual Continue Reading

Hypogonadism: The Defination Signs and Symptoms

Hypogonadism is a common condition amongst males where the body is incapable of producing enough testosterone. The testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in development of masculine growth during puberty. It also has the ability to produce sperms. Continue Reading

Priapism Causes And Remedies

Priapism is a fairly common phenomenon that affects many males and can happen in all age groups including newborns. It is a condition where an erection lasts longer than usual (nearly four hours or more). Priapism can happen even without sexual stimulation. The condition occurs when blood is trapped in the penis and fails to drain. Continue Reading

Male Menopause

Recent medical discoveries are suggesting that just like women, men also undergo menopause. Following several reports of men aged 40 and above, where a large percentage complained of having symptoms related to low testosterone levels, doctors are now looking at the possibility of men also undergoing menopause just like the Continue Reading