Filagra User Reviews

Since I started using Filagra, I haven’t had many problems with my erections. It worked as it was advertised and I was satisfied with its ability. However, I experienced some heartburn whenever I took it. This happened a while after I took the prescribed medication. The good thing about it is that it will vanish after a while, so I am not ready to give up on it yet.


I followed the instructions that were given to me by the pharmacist and my erections were really on point. Now I am really proud of myself and my girlfriend always joke about the new me in a way of applauding me. There has been a slight improvement between the time I start, to when am at the climax. This is what I have always wanted and now I finally have it.


This prescribed medication has helped me have an extra hard boner within 15 minutes after an orgasm. Another thing about this product is that it is able to work for long enough. I took the Filagra pill on Friday evening and Sunday night, I was still a beast in the room. This went on until early morning on Monday.


I took this medication and I wasn’t exactly impressed by it. After three to four days, I realized that I had an over-crowded nose. Also, I experienced some flu, which was definitely caused by Filagra.


Amazing! There is nothing more to describe this medication other than to consider it amazing. I had gone through the Filagra user reviews and I was skeptical about it. So I decided to try it out and I was impressed. Earlier on, my lady and I used to go once in a day. It wasn’t because we were too busy, but I wasn’t able to go all the way. Filagra helped to boost my ability and we can go three times in a day. What’s more, we go for about two hours and with total energy.


I was advised to take the pill about once or twice in a week. I used to take one pill every weekend and it was able to take be throughout the entire weekend. After two months, I was back to the young and active guy. It helped to take me back to my 20s and now am a happy man.


It has been 7 days since I started using Filagra and over the week, the pill has helped me the way I expected it to do. My lady realized I had a harder erection and she just told me to keep doing what I was doing. In a nutshell, this medication is worth buying.


I tried this medication for once and I realized that after a few hours, I had a headache or my vision was slightly blurred. I can’t say it is work-related since I experienced the headaches immediately after I started taking them.


Filagra helped me have a harder erection and it was more durable, compared to how I was earlier on. Nonetheless, I had some stomach upset after some hours. Luckily enough, it was a slight pain and it went away naturally.