Important Facts about Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

caverta_100mgErectile dysfunction is a condition that is mostly treated through administration of drugs. Some of the common drugs for treating the condition include Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Cialis, Caverta among others. Most of these drugs are oral and they work by increasing blood flow into the tissues of the penis so that when a man get an erection when sexually stimulated.

Do Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra, Eriacta, Stendra And Caverta Work Differently?

All of these drugs work towards causing erections in men. A difference can only be noticed when it comes to how quick each of the drugs works and the time it will be in effect on the body. For example, Levitra has a longer effect than Viagra. While the former’s effect can last for approximately 5 hours, the latter takes effect for 4 hours. Stendra has a rapid onset action and can take effect after 15 minutes lasting up to 6 hours. Cialis can also start working after 15 minutes of intake with its effects lasting up to 36 hours. A user can always switch from one drug to another if any of them fails to work effectively.

Do The Drugs Have Any Side Effects?

Taking Viagra, Kamgra, Cialis, Levitra, Caverta or eriacta can be dangerous if one is certain medication. If an individual experiences allergies when taking ED drugs, he or she should first consult with the doctor. Combining these drugs with nitroglycerin might have effects on the blood pressure, in that it will make it low. Using Cialis, Viagra, Levitra or Stendra alongside alpha-blockers, used in treating prostrate problems or blood pressure, can be dangerous and patients should not take any of the drugs unless directed by a doctor.

KAMAGRA_ORAL_JELLYHowever, some of the common side effects of using the erectile dysfunction drugs include:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Stomach upsets
  • Nasal congestion
  • Back pain
  • Temporary hearing loss

People that have suffered stroke, heart attack or arrhythmia should not take Levitra, Viagra, Kamagra, Cavetra and Ciasis. Such persons can discuss with their doctors in order to explore other options.

Should a person experience such problems as prolonged rection, rash, painful erection, and chest pain or fainting on using the drugs, he or she should contact a doctor immediately to receive treatment. The ED drugs should be kept in their original container and where the children cannot reach them. It is also advisable that they be stored away from excess heat, sunlight or moisture. After using the drugs, patients should always remember to discard or dispose any extra or expired drugs carefully.