The Connection Between Impotence And Diabetes

There has been a confirmed connection between diabetes and impotence (otherwise known as erectile dysfunction). However, proper treatment for diabetes could minimize the chances you will experience problems with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to experience an erection adequate to offer sexual satisfaction. Diabetes increases the chances of getting erectile dysfunction. Additionally, you could acquire it earlier compared to other men. The above conditions are closely connected such that majority of experts believe that for men below 45 years, ED, could be an early indication of diabetes.

What is the connection between diabetes and impotence?

diabetes-impotencyAt first, it is not clear the reason why higher blood sugar levels can result to erectile dysfunction. However, this linkage cannot be denied. Between 20 % and 75% of men living with diabetes also have ED. This is caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels that damage blood vessels, small and big all through the body. Blood vessels found in the penis are usually very small. So, when uncontrolled diabetes begins to weaken blood vessels, the penis may experience problems earlier on.

Plus, diabetes dose not only affect the blood vessels but also the blood system. Diabetes will also cause dysfunction of the nerves, and the muscles in the penile shaft begin to weaken and are replaced by collagen or scar tissue instead of smooth muscle. This is usually the outcome in men. Damage to the entire tissues that support the penis could be the end result if diabetes is not controlled.

How to break the connection between diabetes and ED.

  • It is vital to work with your physician to decrease high cholesterol and blood pressure. Both of which can result to ED.
  • It is advisable to seek treat immediately as there are numerous ways for treating impotence. Some of these treatments include surgery, vacuum pumps, injections and pills. Consult your urologist regarding the things to do while still controlling diabetes.
  • You should also avoid getting overweight. When you are obese or overweight, losing even minimal weight can help in controlling diabetes. Men with obesity might also gain from gastric bypass surgery, which helps relieve diabetes and impotence in a number of patients.
  • You should quit smoking.
  • Maintain healthy living standards by getting adequate exercise, eating nutritious and well balanced meals. This is beneficial to both your erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

Even though the connection between diabetes and impotence is undeniable, you should not accept this result. Take steps to control your erectile dysfunction and diabetes. This will ensure you live a quality life.